Yacht Racing in Asia – The watersports company

Yacht Racing in Asia are a company dedicated to water sports activities, sailing, yacht racing, dragon boating and even making boats out of cardboard and racing them!.

We also race our boats at many of South East Asia’s most prestigious and fun International Regattas.  Established for more than ten years, Sail in Asia is to be found at Ao Yon in the South East of Phuket Island in our beach-located head office. This is also the home of our yachts, with a tranquil and well sheltered anchorage where our shore side staff look after and maintain the yachts to a high standard.

Our One Design fleet of yachts include 3 Farr 1104’s and 7 Platu One Design yachts, as well as a Charter fleet of many other competitive racing yachts. If you love one design Yacht Racing, you need to get in touch with us, as we have great yachts that are really very closely matched, with new sails and very similar standard equipment. No one has the faster boat, its all down to the crewing and tactics of your team! Check out our charter prices this year, we are 20% less expensive than last year and you get a lot of boat for your bucks. Yacht Racing in Asia is tremendously competitive, so you need great boats, if you are going to win?  Our yachts are well presented, clean bottomed and ready to go! And they are frequently in the first three of every division in the various South East Asian regattas. Check out our racing yachts and see if one of them is the dream yacht for your racing charter crew.

Ao Yon Bay Sailing Base

The Platu One Design Yacht fleet is kept at Ao Yon Bay.  The boats are accessed from our purpose built sailing base just off the fabulous Ao Yon Beach.  It takes only 5 minutes to get onto the boats from the beach.  This superb bay has almost all-round shelter from most winds and is perfect also for hosting short races and even round the island races. Check ou the video below!

Sail in Asia Phuket Sea Base