2nd Asian Airline Regatta

The 2nd Asian Airline Regatta will be organised by Sail in Asia in October 2018, following on from the successful event in 2017. This is a One design Regatta and we will be offering three One design Classes this year, Platu 25 Sports boats, Pulse 600 Trimarans and Farr 1104 yachts.  Racing will take place in The AoYon and Ao Chalong Bay areas of SE Phuket.

The warm waters of SE Asia, booming economies and the growing interest in watersports it’s no wonder there so many new yacht racing regattas developing in Asia these days. The Asian  Airlines Regatta One Design Regatta in Phuket, is the latest.  Established in 2017 this regatta has enthusiastically been supported by Airline pilots based in Hong Kong in tandem with Sail in Asia.  The aim of this Asian Airlines Regatta is to have fleets of One design yachts competing against each other.  As we all know, One Design Yacht Racing is fabulous  fun, as it’s a level playing field and that means the best team, almost always wins the races.

This One Design Fleets Regatta is characterised by gentlemanly racing and great sportsmanship. The inaugural 3 day event had zero protests and fabulous camaraderie, as well as great BBQ and final party.  This year we aim to expand our fleets by introducing two more classes and of course a lot more competitors, but retaining the spirit and the character of the event.

Asia’s new One Design Yacht Regatta 22-25 October 2018

This year we are offering 3 One Design Classes. Farr 25 Platus (6),  Pulse 600 Trimarans(5) and Farr 1104 (3) Racing Yachts.  The venue will be Ao Yon and Chalong Bay as per last year.  Simon Ludlow will be the race officer and Sail in Asia will organise beach and on water logistics.

2018 registration is open and the organisers are asking entrants to let them know that you and your team are coming to THE yacht racing event of the autumn as early as you can. It helps them and it saves you money. So, get the crew together, Charter one of our yachts and get your entry in. 

The official video of the 2017 One Design Regatta is now on this website.  Click the link and take a look.

Event Schedule

22 October:  Registration, Skipper’s briefing and PARTY!!!

23 October:  Racing Day 1 – BBQ on the beach and party.

24 October:  Racing Day 2 free evening

25 October:  Racing Day 3 – Buffet dinner, party and Prize giving


Sail In Asia have a range of competitive yachts to charter.

Not got enough people to charter the whole boat? No problem, join a crew.  Talk to Simon or Mike and we will help you to hook up with other crews.

Still not sure? Take a look at last year’s event…

Farr 25 Fleet for Airlines Regatta

The Corsair Pulse 600

Asian Airlines Regatta 2017

One Design Yacht Racing Fleet

Airlines Regatta 2018

Six "absolute", one design Platus.

  • all Platus are in excellent racing trim
  • fully compliant to the Platu class rules 2011
  • each yacht  equipped with "controlled" sails (the same system used for match racing to provide
    absolute equality of boats)
  • 5 crew max crew weight 460kg

Five Absolute One Design Pulse 600 trimarans

  • all Pulses in excellent racing trim
  • fully compliant to Corsair Class rules
  • each yacht  equipped with "controlled" sails (the same system used for match racing to provide
    absolute equality of boats)
  • 2/3 crew max crew weight 160kg

Three Farr 1104 Yachts

  • all Farr 1104s in good racing trim
  • All with IRC ratings and good recent histories
  • All with Dacron Sails.  100% jibs and Spinnakers
  • 7/8 Crew and max crew weight of 680Kg

Get your order in now
Charter these boats and enjoy "absolute" One Design Racing at its very best
We doubt you can find a more exciting format in Phuket