Come and join a racing yacht crew and realize that dream

Join a Yacht Racing Crew

Join a racing yacht crew and hopefully be part of a winning crew, in a regatta! That's what we want to offer you so read further and we will explain what we can do for you.

You have to know a large group of sailors that all have the time and money to charter a yacht – not to mention exactly the right mix of skills. Or if you want to get on someone else’s yacht, where do you start? None of us are born knowing how to crew a racing yacht. But now we have the answer. Join a yacht in The Platu One Design Class or an F28 Corsair trimaran!

Our JOIN US option is aimed at training up individual crew members prior to the two famous regattas below. We’ll train you for at least one training weekend before the regatta and for a day or two before the event, then you’ll participate as an active member of the crew of a Platu One Design Yacht, or a Corsair 28 trimaran. You will be part of the regatta, not a passenger. You will have an important role to play and will enjoy the regatta as an active and valued team member of hopefully a winning yacht.

We offer this option for the following Regattas.
• Phuket Yacht Club Sailors Regatta March 2018
• Multihull Regatta July 2018
• Phuket Race Week July 2018
• One Design Regatta October 2018
• King's Cup Regatta December 2018

Check out the Regattas on the ASIAN REGATTAS page. Then contact us if you want more information?