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Platu One Design Yacht Fleet in Phuket

Phuket and Pattaya have a Platu One Design Yacht Fleet. There are 7 boats all equally matched in terms of equipment and sail inventory in Phuket and 13 Platus in Pattaya.
The boats in Phuket have new ‘controlled sails’, which means not only are you sailing with the same boats and same equipment, but you are sailing against other boats with the same age of sails and only one brand. (We buy six mainsails and six jibs all at the same time). The sails are used for only three regattas a year. This makes our boats much more equal or One Design than any yachts in Asia. We don’t want cheque book sailing to be an issue in our class so we ensure all sails bought, or replaced happen for all six boats at the same time. Now the charterer can concentrate on having a well prepared boat with similar equipment and almost identical sail inventories. Charter is much less expensive too when using dacron one design sails!
The boats in Pattaya are all owned by private owners and laminate and dacron sails are to be found on these boats. The larger fleet ensures that lots of boats are available for charter in Pattaya for the popular Top of the Gulf regatta and the Coronation Cup. Our yachts are in good racing condition so when we race, we are ensuring that whats happening on the water, is all about crew skills and tactics. If you point the boat in the right direction it will win!  Thats the beauty of One Design Fleet racing.

Thailand’s other Regattas 2018

One Design Regatta Charter in 2018

Charter our Platus for the following Regattas for the following prices

    • Asian Airlines One Design Regatta  October 2018         COST  75,000 THB (3 Days)
    • Phuket Kings Cup Regatta               Dec 2nd-9th 2018   COST 120,000THB (7 Days)

Coronation Cup in Pattaya 2018

In 2018 our One Design Fleet will also be available to Teams who might wish to race the boat in the Coronation Cup series in Pattaya. Sail in Asia have four new road trailers so boats can be trailed to other locations in Thailand. ie Hua Hin. At present we are considering supporting a Phuket based team who may charter the yachts for very reasonable rates (possibly for free, if we get find sponsors) and enter the competition. We hope to work with PYC on this proposal.

Top of The Gulf Regatta 2018

The TOG Regatta is a top rated event and hosted magnificently by Ocean Marina Yacht Club. The Platu One Design Fleet are the stars of the event with Asia’s top sailors all vying for the top placing. This video shows the close quarters racing and the high standard of sailing enjoyed by all the competitors.The evening parties are incredibly friendly and the catering is first class.

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