Asian Airline Regatta 2018

The Asian  Airlines Regatta is  the latest regatta in Asia and is a One Design Regatta sailed on Platus.  Established in 2017 this regatta has enthusiastically been supported by Airline pilots based in Hong Kong in tandem with Sail in Asia.  The aim of this Asian Airlines Regatta is to have fleets of One design yachts competing against each other.  As we all know, One Design Yacht Racing is fabulous  fun, as it’s a level playing field and that means the best team, almost always wins the races.

This One Design Fleets Regatta is characterised by gentlemanly racing and great sportsmanship. The inaugural 3 day event had zero protests and fabulous camaraderie, as well as great BBQ and final party.  This year we aim to expand our fleets by introducing two more classes and of course a lot more competitors, but retaining the spirit and the character of the event.

Phuket Yacht Club Racing Series

One Design Fleet Racing


13th August and every two weeks thereafter.

Phuket Yacht Club are involving the Sail in Asia One Design Fleet in their racing calendar.  The good news is that we have a soft start on the 13th August and there will be 6 boats available every fortnight thereafter.

The yachts have all the same equipment and even the control lines have the same colour ropes.  All the Platus have coppercoat antifoul treatment thanks to Solidair Marine.  This means we can keep them on the water for more than a few days but that they can also be lifted out onto their purpose built road trailers when necessary.  The yachts have had an extensive refit. All deck paint has been renewed and an aggressive deck non slip applied at bow and on the cockpit floor. The boats have two complete sets of sails and these are used for either Club Racing or One Design Regattas.

The yachts will be used for Corporate Sailing Events such as Learn to Sail days, Mini Regattas and of course Cruising the islands events.  Next month we have 50 people coming to race our boats.  This event will be the start of many corporate sailing days using these fun boats.  In the high season the boats will be used for Flotilla Charter and this is where Learning to Sail and Adventure Sailing merge. We take crews off to local islands and ensure the boats are well anchored before night fall and the guest stay ashore. Its great fun to sail in flotilla.


Best yacht racing in Asia

One Design Yacht Racing Fleet

The King's Cup 2018 Seven "Absolute", One Design Platus are available for charter for the December event. Kev Scott will ensure all 7 yachts are fully race ready and rule compliant. Kev guarantees that the boats are:

  • all in excellent racing trim with new mainsails and jibs
  • fully compliant to the Platu class rules 2011
  • each yacht  equipped with "controlled" sails (the same system used for match racing to provide
    absolute equality of boats

Get your order in now
Charter these boats and enjoy "absolute" one design racing at its very best
We doubt you can find a more exciting format in Phuket

Phuket Kings Cup charter cost 120,000 THB