Notice of Race.

Asian Airline Regatta

23rd to 25th October 2018


  1. Location.
    • The race area will be in the waters South of Phuket Island.

1.2       The race office will be located at Ao Yon on the south of Phuket Island.  A skipper’s brief will be given on Ao Yon beach prior to each day’s racing.  Three days of racing will take place in the waters immediately south of Ao Yon and incorporate standard windward/leeward races with at least one long distance race.  A practice race may be held for those interested on 22nd October 2018

1.3       Racing will be single class in Platu 25 yachts.  Boats will be provided by the organiser and allocated to teams by draw.

  1. Rules and Regulations.

2.1       The Regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 (RRS) of World Sailing (WS) and the Platu 25 Class Rules 2018 published at[23651].pdf

2.2       The Platu 25 Class Rules are amended for the purposes of this regatta only by changing rule C.2.1.a by reducing the minimum crew number to three.

2.3       All boats will comply with Thailand statutory requirements.

2.4       A race committee will be formed to govern the event.  Committee members may compete, but will not form part of any protest committee where there is deemed to be any potential for a conflict of interest.

2.5       For windward/leeward Courses, the Two-Turns penalty (RRS 44.1) is changed to a One-Turn penalty.  For long distance courses, the standard two-turn penalty will be in force in accordance with RRS 44.1.

  1. Entry.

3.1       Eligible teams are invited to enter.  To be eligible, the team must have at least one member from the organisation represented who must be either the team leader, and/or captain of the boat.

3.2       Entries must be received by 2359hrs on 17th October 2018 by writing to

3.3       Fees for the regatta are THB 5000 per day of racing per crew member and must be paid by 0900 on 23rd October 2018.  The payment account will be notified on receipt of entry.  There is no charge for any practice race.

  1. Class.

4.1       Only boats in compliance with the Platu 25 class rules and the amendments in 2.2 in this Notice Of Race are eligible to enter.

  1. Handicapping.

5.1       No handicaps will be used.

  1. Courses.

6.1       Courses will be decided on the day of race by the committee.  There will be a series of windward/leeward course with at least one long distance race.

  1. Scoring.

7.1       Each race will be scored sequentially in order of finishing with first position scoring .75 points.  Non-starting, disqualified or non -finishing boats will be scored last.

7.2       If 5 races are sailed in the series, one windward/leeward race may be discarded.  If 7 races are sailed in the series, then two windward/leeward races may be discarded.  Long distance races are not eligible for discards.

7.3.      In the event of ties for positions at the end of the series, then the positions will be determined on countback with later races taking priority.

  1. Advertising.

8.1       Boats will carry any event sponsor’s advertising which will be provided in accordance with WS regulation 20.  In addition, boats may carry additional individual team sponsor’s advertising and also in addition may carry their airline’s or employer’s logo.  Participants are encouraged to carry event sponsor’s advertising on team clothing.

  1. Prizes.

9.1  Teams will be competing for the award of the Asia Airline Sailing Trophy  Other prizes may be awarded.

  1. Disclaimer of Liability.

10.1     All competitors are remined of RRS rule 4 which states that racing has an element of risk and that the decision to race is that of the Captain of the boat, and theirs alone. No liability will be acknowledged by the sponsors, organisers, officials or the race committee from competitors, their families/dependents or representatives.

  1. Sailing instructions.

11.1     Sailing instructions will be posted by 2359 on 16th October 2018 at the latest.

12  Organiser.

12.1  The event organiser is Sail In Asia Ltd, 6/37 Ao Yon Bay Moo 8, Boeray-Khaokad Road, Tambon Vichit, Amphur Muang, Phuket, Thailand.