Asian Airline Regatta Hotels Guide

Here is a list of the hotels at Cape Panwa, in close proximity, to Sail in Asia. All can be found on Agoda or You may find others – these are the ones we know about. I to 6 are easily walkable. For the rest, transport in this part of Phuket is limited, not many taxis come this way. You or your hotel can call for taxis, but these will be small journeys for any driver. You may wish to consider this when choosing . There are plenty of eating establishments in the area.

  1. Bandar Phuket Beach Resort. 50m from SiA. Mid-range.
  2. Cloud 19 Beach Resort. 300m from SiA Mid-range.
  3. X10 Seaview Suite Panwa Beach. 350m from SiA Mid-range
  4. Panwa Boutique Beach Resort. 500m from SiA Mid-range.
  5. By The Sea Resort. 500m from SiA Cheap to mid-range.
  6. The Cove, Phuket. 600m from SiA. Mid-range.
  7. Kantaray Bay Resort. 1.8 KM from SiA. Mid-range.
  8. Sri Panwa Resort. 2.5km from SiA. High end.
  9. Cape Panwa Hotel. 2.0km from SiA Mid-range to high end.
  10. Amatara Wellness Resort. Spa 2.0km from SiA. High end.
  11. Panwa Guesthouse. 1.5km from SiA. Cheap and cheerful.
  12. Pullman Phuket Beach Resort. 1.5km from SiA. Mid-range to high end.