join a racing yacht crew
Come and join the PWSC and realize that dream

Our stunning PWSC is on Ao Yon Beach

If you join the PWSC Club you can sail and race on our Platus at the weekend.  Join our regattas and other SE Asian Regattas too.   The aim of the club is to improve your sailing or racing and enable you to meet like minded people, who are a pleasure to be with, on the water. Follow your dreams and join the PWSC Club. Check out the SIA Club and see if it is for you? Come and visit us at Ao Yon and GO SAILING!


Join the PWSC Club

Do you want to join our PWSC sailing club? Do you want to cruise or race our Platus?

The Phuket Water Sports Club has been formed to encourage our students, past and present to Go Sailing.  Join the club for a huge range of water sports activities and ISSA Courses .Students who complete or have already completed a Zero To Hero Course are able to become Full Members of the PWSC Sailing Club which gives them access to our yachts, at very reduced fees, (better than any other charter company or school in Thailand). Join our Start Racing Weekend courses!