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One Design Yacht Fleet

The largest One Design Yacht Fleet in Phuket is the Platu. There are 7 boats all equally matched in terms of equipment and sail inventory in Phuket.  The boats in Phuket have good sails and spinnakers, which means you are sailing with the same boats and same equipment and as a consequence should be equally matched. Boats are available from 160,000 THB for the Kings Cup Regatta.

All 7 of the Sail in Asia Plates have been fitted with Spinnaker and Asymetric Spinnaker. This fleet of modified Platus enables yachts to keep up to date with the new assy and the deck fitted bow sprit.  Now the MK 2  Platu can be raced according to IRC or just as a modified Fleet of Platus.  Check out the boats with Sail in Asia and come try one before committing if you like?  We may be able to send video to clients in far off  countries on request..

Racing the Platu One Design Yacht Fleet

The One Design Yacht Fleet

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